Smartsys Technology - Logistics

Warehouse and Logistics Surveillance Solutions – Supply Chain IP Tracking and Monitoring Systems.

Track Freight from Start to Finish.

Knowing where your packages are at every point throughout the supply chain can reduce liability claims, transform how business is done and directly affect the bottom line.

Our open platform technology also allows for monitoring and documenting the status of incoming and outgoing goods, ensuring quality processing throughout the supply chain.

Identify Vehicle Flow at Any Facility

XProtect® LPR is an add-on product that allows facility managers to identify each vehicle entering and exiting any facility at any point in time from one central surveillance hub.

Know Where to Dedicate Resources

XProtect Professional makes it possible for users to arrange cameras to effectively identify problems in the supply chain as they arise.

The software makes it easy to properly assess a particular situation and apply the right resources from afar.

Keep an Airtight Perimeter at all Locations

Complete with built-in motion detection, XProtect Professional provides users with three viewing clients, so users can investigate suspicious activity and monitor any facility at any time via computer, tablet or mobile device.