Licence Plate Recognition

LPR Offers Efficiency, Security and Improved Service Levels
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Licence Plate Recognition

Licence plate recognition systems automate licence plate reading and identification, making it easier for retail parking operations, law enforcement, municipal & commercial organizations to locate vehicles of interest or enforce parking restrictions.

Licence plate recognition data can be mined for new knowledge on vehicle behaviour such as average length of stay, frequency of visits, travel time between locations, average vehicle speed & more, helping you make informed decisions for parking facilities resulting in additional operational efficiency.

Reliable license plate recognition (LPR) has traditionally been costly and only relevant for a limited number of applications.

The rapid development of IP cameras now allows for wider use of automatic LPR solutions.

Smartsys offer a proven solution for organizations looking to enhance applications such as citywide surveillance, security, vehicle access control, law enforcement and parking enforcement.

Automatic Recognition and Actions

Our LPR solutions are based on Axis cameras and Milestone software. It automatically captures the license plate in real time, compares or adds it to a pre-defined list and then takes appropriate action such as opening a gate, adding a cost, or generating an alert.

Wide Range of Applications

Automatic LPR is a valuable solution for multiple applications, including:

  • Parking management where it facilitates or even automates payment, entry and exit
  • Toll Roads, to enable free-flow through toll plazas
  • Airport Traffic Management, to ensure that only authorized vehicles can access the taxi / public transport lanes
  • Access Control, where the gate is only opened for authorized vehicles and all visiting vehicles automatically are registered
  • Vehicle Alerts, where the solution provides an automatic alert when any of the vehicles on a watch list passes by

Milestone can be installed as a standalone ALPR system or completely unified within Milestone VMS allowing IP video surveillance and IP access control systems.

Unification within Milestone VMS offers customers a single platform from which to manage and monitor all of their security and safety applications, generate consolidated reports, and centralize all of their alarm management.

Parking Enforcement

LPR solutions from Smartsys enhance parking enforcement productivity, increases compliance, and improves parking customer experience by automatically capturing license plate numbers to enforce parking permits, paid parking, and time-limited zone rules.

Law Enforcement | City Surveillance

LPR supports ongoing investigations, apprehends more suspects, and helps increase the recovery rate of stolen and wanted vehicles. Smartsys offers Real Time alerts direct from Law Enforcement Agencies across Australia notifying the operator of potential security concerns.

Security | Monitoring

LPR can assist in the securing of entries and exits of facilities, generate and log audit trails, identify wanted vehicles at your gates via a combination of Smartsys real time alerts and LPR black lists, and automate vehicle access control.

XProtect LPR Key Benefits

XProtect LPR offers a number of powerful applications for security-conscious environments:

Prevent Losses

Are customers driving away without paying for fuel?

XProtect LPR is an ideal solution for gasoline chains. Using negative lists and third-party integrations, the system can automatically close a gasoline pump if a blacklisted vehicle license plate is recognized at any station in the chain.

Manage Parking

Is this car covered by a parking subscription?

XProtect LPR can help you reduce the costs and time associated with managing parking subscriptions. Instead of issuing toll collection devices or radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to authorized personnel, XProtect LPR can automatically open a parking lot gate when a permitted license plate is identified.

Regulate Access

Should this vehicle be granted access?

Use XProtect LPR to optimize your processes by automatically controlling access to protected areas and premises. The software’s flexible, user-defined match lists make it easy to add license plates belonging to visitors, temporary personnel and delivery vehicles. Once the pre-defined license plates are identified, vehicles are automatically granted access.

Gather Evidence

Where was the car in question?

XProtect LPR can be a powerful tool for law enforcement agencies needing to track the movements of a suspicious vehicle. Each time a vehicle passes by a camera equipped with XProtect LPR, it is registered in the system. Using XProtect LPR reporting functionality, law enforcement officials can create a report showing all of the movements of a particular vehicle within a specified timeframe. The report includes a video thumbnail of the recognized vehicle, a close-up of the license plate and details about the detection time.

Crime Prevention Solutions

Smartsys offers a software platform that transforms the way Police and businesses prevent and solve crime in real-time.

The platform make it simple and easy to report fuel thefts and other crime incidents to Police in an extremely efficient manner.

By using Smartsys LPR technology and cameras to automatically detect vehicles that have previously committed fuel thefts or are wanted by Police or Authorities, our systems automatically issues an alert to the operators of the Vehicle details including Color, Type, Make, Model and Year.

Our databases are linked to various authorities across Australia to enable real time updates of Vehicle details.

If a vehicle has been identified as being used in criminal activity or is wanted by the Police the operator make the the necessary advice to the appropriate parties.


Integrated Video Surveillance

Unify your ALPR system with video surveillance and access control within Milestone VMS to monitor live video feeds along with ALPR reads and receive alerts of flagged vehicles from our LPR system.

Third-Party System Integration

Integrate and embed third-party applications and business systems directly into VMS software through the Milestone Integration Platform (MIP). With access to more than 500 Milestone Solution Partners (MSPs) you can find applications to meet your needs.


Use ALPR pre-defined events to trigger advanced actions, such as recording video or activating vehicle gates through Milestone VMS. Alerts can be send to a control center or operator. The operator views an image and a video clip showing the breach, and when required, takes further action to deal with the situation.

Track Vehicle Behavior and Characteristics

Our Systems analyse scanned vehicles behavior and characteristics, allowing you to track trends and identify suspicious vehicles. In addition to license plate numbers, Smartsys software can identify a vehicles speed and direction of travel, detect its make and establish the state of origin of its license plate.

Advanced Data-Mining

Conduct searches of vehicles based on factors such as date and time, complete or partial license plate number reads, one or more specific geographic areas, or type of hit.

We offer LPR modules for each state of Australia.

Smartsys Real Time Alerts

Crime Prevention Solutions – Using LPR Systems from Smartsys

Reduce Crime At Your Carpark, Shopping Centre or Service Station By Using Automated LPR and Advanced Technology.

About Milestone

Smartsys offer Milestone XProtect® LPR, a license plate recognition software that reads license plate information from vehicles and links the license plate information with video. As a fully integrated part of the XProtect® Smart Client, XProtect LPR has a wide set of application areas, including access control, theft prevention, loyalty programs, toll road and border control. Advanced matching logic makes it possible to compare recognized number plates with pre-defined lists and initiate automated actions, such as opening a security gate, thus increasing work productivity.

XProtect LPR is an XProtect add-on product that is seamlessly supported by most XProtect video management software products and Milestone Husky NVR units. It has optimized recognition algorithms for more than 100 countries and states around the world.