General Security Services

General Security Services

The implementation of Security solutions has become an essential part of everyday life for business, commercial operations, government, schools and the home.

It is an unfortunate fact of life however we need to ensure protective measures are in place to combat and reduce crime.

Having a highly visible security system in place does significantly reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime.


CCTV – Design, Install and Management

Smartsys offer only professionally engineered CCTV systems with the highest quality components.

Our typical systems are Milestone’s VMS platforms coupled with exceptional quality CCTV cameras from AXIS.

These brands typify our requirements of quality image production, robust construction with long term warranties and strong after sales support and technical prowess.

For more detailed information on our range of CCTV services please see CCTV Design, Installation and Management


Access Control Solutions

Successful implementation and integration of a dynamic access control solution does require a highly specialised level of technical knowledge and strong support.

From simple to the most complex Security projects, Smartsys offers a depth of commercial skills, end-to-end project management resources and a wealth of technical knowledge through its Security Ops Team thereby reducing risk and accelerating value for your business.

For more detailed information on our range of professional Access Control services please see Access Control Systems


Maintenance Programs

The regular inspection, testing, administration and maintenance routines associated with your security system’s critical components are essential to maintain your system is running to its full potential.

Unfortunately Security systems have been found to have failed when needed the most.

At Smartsys we offer a wide range of proactive service plans and programs to ensure you always have the highest level of security protection.

For more detailed information on our range of professional Access Control services please see Maintenance Programs

</p> <h5>IP Video Surveillance</h5> <p>

The transition from analog to IP is not a revolution, it’s an evolution.

To successfully transition to IP, it is important to have a long-term strategy and a solid, consistent video management platform that can adapt and scale to changing business and security needs.

IP Video Surveillance brings together the many advantages of both network cameras and IP networking to Security Solutions.

Surveillance becomes more intelligent as IP video surveillance systems actively identify unique behavior, events and actions, which reduces the need for human monitoring.

While many users continue to rely on analog technology, achieving the most optimal surveillance today will depend on how quickly and easily your systems can transition to IP.

We have a wide variety of solutions that make it easy to immediately enjoy the benefits of IP and have a smooth transition to digital video management.