Digital surveillance is crucial to making sure your manufacturing production line is running smoothly and everyone is completing his or her tasks efficiently.

Our Security Systems solution can help you raise your bottom line, increase efficiency, reduce theft, reduce liability and better manage your organisation through almost every step of an order.

From marketing and pre-sales to production and shipping, you can use our systems to better manage and promote your organisation and its products.

While at the same time creating a safer environment for you and your employees.

Why Smartsys Security Systems?

We know what it takes to implement a custom manufacturing surveillance solution. From camera placement to custom software integration, we design each system around your specific requirements and objectives ensuring you get the most out of your customised system.

Our surveillance solution will provide your production floor managers with an effective tool for monitoring multiple areas simultaneously. Now your managers can actually see more than one place at a time. This management tool will help increase employee productivity and make your managers more efficient by freeing up time to focus on other important responsibilities.

Benefits and Features

Raise Your Bottom Line:

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase efficiency
  • Decrease theft
  • Production line
  • Shop management

Coverage Areas:

  • Stockrooms
  • Tool Rooms
  • Warehouse
  • Crating/Shipping Areas
  • Receiving Areas
  • Parking Lots

Shop/Process Management:

  • Production Lines
  • Production Bays / Floors
  • Assembly Areas
  • Quality Control
  • Prefab Areas

Extra Benefits

Have you ever been at a trade show and wanted to show a potential client your state-of-the-art manufacturing facility? Now you can. Think of your new security solution as your own virtual manufacturing tour.

Also, view your line process and production assembly from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

For more information on our integrated solutions please see Business Intelligence and Advanced Video Search and Real Time Detection