Advanced Video Search

SmartSys boasts automatic and effortless retrieval and analysis of recorded video, replacing cumbersome, labor-intensive, manual searches. Users define parameters regarding the event/object of interest and receive matching search results within seconds, enabling rapid access to specific video segments buried in the stored video.

  • Offers extensive range of search parameter filters to pinpoint video segments of interest
  • Presents versatile visualization displays that minimize video viewing time
  • Delivers rapid results: Searches 24 hours of video in a few seconds
  • Enables simultaneous search on any number of cameras
  • Increases efficiency in investigations relying on recorded video
  • Allows search to be applied in near real-time for enhanced situational awareness and incident response

Building on patented software architecture, Smartsys utilises high-performance computer vision algorithms which include advanced machine learning capabilities for real-time event detection, video search and business intelligence applications.

These algorithms perform with high precision due to their ability to accurately separate and classify various targets and objects detected in the scene, so that people, vehicles and static objects are classified and events detected according to the users requirement.

As a result, Smartsys solutions feature high probability of detection and low false alarm rates, making them the ideal platform for users seeking a broad array of video analytics functionalities in the most challenging environments and in the most demanding situations.


Video Search Capabilities

Search Parameters and Capabilities
  • Target Type – People, Vehicles, Static Objects
  • Event Type – Moving, Stationary, Crossing a line, Occupancy, Crowding
  • Search by Color
  • Search by Size
  • Search within defined time frames
  • Search on selected cameras or group of cameras
  • Search for Similar Targets
  • Search Results – Viewing OptionsThumbnails – Search results presented in video playback thumbnails
    Video Summary – Search results presented as one condensed clip of all related events
    Target Path – Search results shown as graphical presentation of all motion paths in a scene for identification of trends/anomalies
    Site Map – Search results of “Target Path” on a site map, showing multiple camera displays in a single view