Real-Time Detection and Alerts

SmartSys delivers highly accurate real-time event detection’s, eliminating the need to rely on the alertness or response discipline of the systems operator. Users define potential events of interest in advance and receive alerts when such events occur, enabling rapid responses to incidents, as they emerge.

  • Transforms video surveillance system from a passive tool to a proactive detection system
  • Detects a wide range of events relating to people, vehicles and static objects
  • Analyzes video from multiple sources in parallel, and allows complex detection scenarios linking detection rules from different cameras
  • Enables unlimited combinations of analytics detection rules to be applied to each camera
  • Offers innovative Rule Test for validation of detection accuracy in the installation phase
  • Features an Event Dispatcher tool to enable notification of real-time events via a range of communication applications (email, SMS, MMS etc.)

Building on patented software architecture, Smartsys utilises high-performance computer vision algorithms which include advanced machine learning capabilities for real-time event detection, video search and business intelligence applications.

These algorithms perform with high precision due to their ability to accurately separate and classify various targets and objects detected in the scene, so that people, vehicles and static objects are classified and events detected according to the users requirement.

As a result, Smartsys solutions feature high probability of detection and low false alarm rates, making them the ideal platform for users seeking a broad array of video analytics functionalities in the most challenging environments and in the most demanding situations.

Real Time Detection Capabilities

Person RulesMoving in an Area / Crossing a Line / Tailgating / Loitering / Crowding / Occupancy
Vehicle RulesMoving in an Area / Crossing a Line / Tailgating / Stopped Vehicle / Speed Analysis
Static Object RulesSuspicious Object / Asset Protection / Lighting Detection
PTZ RulesMultiple Real-time Rules on PTZ presets / Autonomous PTZ Target Tracking
Real Time Detection