Video Enable Transactions

Discover The Benefits of Pairing Video With Transaction Information.

XProtect TransactWhat is XProtect Transact?

XProtect Transact is an add-on product for Milestone XProtect VMS and Milestone Husky NVR series* that matches individual transaction events with corresponding video.

XProtect Transact extracts transactional data from point-of-sale (POS), barcode scanning systems and other data systems, and pairs that data with video from the time of the transaction.

Why Should I Video-enable My Transactions?transact_alarm

Pairing video with transaction information is a powerful tool for those working in the retail or shipping industry.

It also has applications for the financial sector as well. By video-enabling your transactions, you can:

  • Investigate suspected fraudulent activity
  • Address product shrinkage
  • Document shipments and track parcels

How Can I Use XProtect Transact?transact_live

XProtect Transact is a fully integrated part of the XProtect Smart Client. Through a single interface, you can control your cameras and other security system hardware, and combine the video information with your transaction data. This not only creates a more efficient administrative workflow, it also enables you to:

  • Monitor point-of-sale terminals and cash registers in real-time
  • Search for a specific transaction and the corresponding video of the transaction
  • Set up notifications each time a specific item is scanned
  • Generate reports on transactions, including transaction data and video thumbnails, for documentation purposes

Transact In Action