Concerns regarding school and campus security have dramatically increased, as education facilities across the nation have become the target of crime and violence.

With multiple buildings and facilities typically situated across campuses, Security seek surveillance solutions that monitor key areas and protect school assets.

Security teams specifically require the ability to quickly search through recorded video to identify events of interest.

Video Management Systems and real time detection of suspicious objects, perimeter intrusions, sterile zone breaches and other security events generate an alert within the Security office.

Our Real-Time Event Detection software transforms existing surveillance systems into proactive tools that alerts security operators when assets are tampered with, or a suspicious objects are left behind.

Instant video notification enables security staff to view the event and dispatch an officer accordingly. By employing our Video Search solutions the time spent searching through recorded video during time-sensitive investigations is reduced substantially.

Our Security solutions offer campuses a safe and protected environment for staff, students and visitors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our Services

  • Provide effective patrols, alarm monitoring and CCTV surveillance
  • Promote good personal safety and security practices
  • Enables rapid response to security incidents, emergency situations and threat concerns
  • Ensures the security of persons lawfully engaged in campus activities
  • Enable prompt response to incidents that impact the Campus
  • Provides ongoing protection of Campus property and facilities
  • Can completely manage building access and overall building security
  • Alerts after-hours emergency assistance
  • Can automatically enforce parking regulations and patrolling campuses
  • Assists in providing a visible presence to assure students and staff of a safe workplace, and to deter offenders with advanced security features.

Speak to our Security Team about how we can assist you reach your Security goals.

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