Maintenance Programs

Smartsys Offer Full Maintenance Programs for All CCTV and Security Systems

Predetermined Maintenance Scheduling

Smartsys offer a range of comprehensive preventative scheduled service and maintenance plans and programs, designed to ensure that your security systems are always operating at maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

A scheduled maintenance is a service which Smartsys Technology provides where during the course of a year a specialised technician is automatically dispatched on a predetermined cycle to perform a maintenance on the premises Alarm System, Access Control System and CCTV Systems.

This maintenance check is required for the systems to comply with Australia/New Zealand standards 2201:(2007).

During these maintenance visits the systems are thoroughly tested to maintain their operational effectiveness. On the completion of the maintenance the customer is issued with a certificate stating that the inspection and testing has been carried out.

At this time a report arising from the maintenance will be presented to the client confirming that the maintenance has been carried out and the current compliance status.

This report may also contain recommendations for either or both of the following:

  • Alterations that would improve the system performance.
  • Alterations necessary to maintain compliance

The report shall be signed by the technician and the client a copy shall be retained by both parties.

In accordance with Australian Standards AS2201.1 (2007). All security systems class 3 to 5 must be serviced as a minimum once per year not more than thirteen (13) months between visits.

To ensure your security products are operating to their optimum performance Smartsys Technology can provide you with a predetermined Quality Maintenance Plan to suit your specific needs.

With a Team of highly qualified engineers working throughout the country Smartsys can provide you with a maintenance service that best suits your requirements.

</p> <h5>IP Video Surveillance</h5> <p>

The transition from analog to IP is not a revolution, it’ an evolution.

To successfully transition to IP, it is important to have a long-term strategy and a solid, consistent video management platform that can adapt and scale to changing business and security needs.

IP Video Surveillance brings together the many advantages of both network cameras and IP networking to Security Solutions.

Surveillance becomes more intelligent as IP video surveillance systems actively identify unique behavior, events and actions, which reduces the need for human monitoring.

While many users continue to rely on analog technology, achieving the most optimal surveillance today will depend on how quickly and easily your systems can transition to IP.

We have a wide variety of solutions that make it easy to immediately enjoy the benefits of IP and have a smooth transition to digital video management.