Access Control Systems

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Why Access Control Systems?

Today’s Access Control Systems are not just for locking and unlocking doors or gates. It is a powerful and smart management tool for many different companies, organizations and building owners and managers.

Access control systems are designed for a range of security management issues, such as permission for the free flow of authorized movement into any building or business, and denying entry to unwanted visitors or staff.

Further, Security Access Control offers special protection for sensitive areas where access needs to be restricted or controlled.

Access may be required by different people at different times, therefore Residents, staff or visitors to your building can be given key swipes or other electronic forms of recognition to enable them to pass into certain areas at specific times of the day/week/month.


  • Provide a Safer Workplace or Residential Environment
  • Catalogue Residents, Employee and Visitor Movements
  • Provide Auditing, Time and Attendance Information
  • Track and Deter Access Throughout your business
  • Restrict Access to Sensitive Areas
  • Provide Organization with Flexibility
  • Avoid Expensive Re-keying When An Employee/Residents Leaves
  • Remotely Administer and Control Access

The proactive security and management features of Smartsys electronic access control systems can benefit any business, no matter the size.

Electronic access control is just as important to a client’s bottom line as it is to its security.

Smartsys integrates access control from the single door of a residential property to the largest complex commercial buildings.

Smartsys draws on the latest developments in security technology and the company’s many years’ experience across diverse projects to devise comprehensive, fully integrated systems that meet its customer’s needs and budgets.

The Team at Smartsys has extensive experience in design, installation and maintenance of the system that is specifically designed to cater for all of a client’s needs and requirements

Grow With Your Needs

Our access control components and overall designs offer you a perfectly flexible and expandable system ideally suited from the smallest of projects to large scale rollouts.

Thanks to the scalability of our selected hardware components your system grows according to your security needs.

To Learn More About Your Security Options Please Contact Your Local Smartsys Office

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AXIS Access Control Solutions are truly open.

So they give you the freedom to mix and match best-of breed hardware and software and to integrate them with other systems, including your surveillance systems.

You can use them for everything from basic identification and entry control to advanced access management.