Screen Recorder - Monitor Computers

XProtect Screen Recorder Provides Inconspicuous Screen Recordings of Any Windows Computer or Point-of-Sale Terminal.

XProtect Screen Recorder

XProtect Screen Recorder is a function that enables Milestone video management software (VMS) to inconspicuously capture screen recordings of any Microsoft® Windows-based PC or point-of-sale (POS) terminal. XProtect Screen Recorder is easily installed on computers that you want to monitor and recordings are fully synchronized with other video data.

Captured screen recordings are managed in the same way as video camera data in the software. Camera recordings can be viewed in live and playback mode and exported for evidence.

Screen Recorder Key Features

Staff Management and Training

Are your staff taking appropriate actions to ensure optimal productivity?
View video data from employees computers, including XProtect® Smart Client activities, to ensure operations are running smoothly. Simultaneously play back video recordings on multiple computer screens to efficiently educate and train staff.

Transaction Monitoring

Did the transaction data shown on the receipt correspond to what was actually purchased?
XProtect Screen Recorder makes it easy to audit staff activities. You can view captured screen recordings from POS systems and computers to verify transactions and maintain an account of fraudulent activities. This is ideal for industries that handle critical data, such as retail, banking and gaming.