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Entertainment And Hospitality Venues – Using Video Analytics Solutions

With any event, Entertainment And Hospitality Venues face potential risks and physical security threats to buildings and customers on a daily basis.

Safety and security is a pivotal component of any successful event or tournament and affects everyone attending or participating in the event.

It is widely acknowledged that safety and security can only be achieved by establishing a balance between anticipation (importance of being well prepared), good management and well-designed infrastructure.

Managing Risk

Managing risk is only one part of stadium managements responsibility when preparing contingency plans in response to any incident occurring at a stadium which might prejudice public safety or disrupt normal operations.

However being security minded and better prepared reassures your customers and staff that you are taking security issues seriously.

We offer a real time solution that allows you to increase your level of security and safety without employing additional security staff.

Our real-time event detection solution automates the task of monitoring your surveillance system and will dramatically improve your response rate allowing you to act rapidly as any incident unfolds.

Our video analytics solutions help to protect patrons at casinos, hotels, convention centers, sport arenas and tourist sites, by automatically detecting security and safety incidents, monitoring customer traffic and providing effortless forensic search tools for situational awareness and post-event analysis.

Our Real Time Solutions:

  • Reduce time and labor for investigations using rapid, multi-camera forensic search
  • Detect unauthorized people in secured zones to protect assets
  • Improve floor planning and gaming machine lease contracts through traffic pattern analysis
  • Detect unauthorized (tailgating) entry through secure entrances
  • Detect camera blocking, tampering, or out of service cameras
  • Count people to analyze patronage and conversion
  • Detect objects left unattended in sensitive areas such as main lobbies, car parks
  • Count People to detect and tally the number of people entering and exiting each of the exhibition / event halls and foyers.

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