Video Analytics

Video Analytics are designed to produce actionable and comprehensive intelligence to enable administrators and managers to quickly understand and react to current situations, as well as gain extensive insight from historical trends helping them to effectively manage their operations.

Any Environment

Our Video Analytics can be deployed in analog, digital or hybrid environments. In the majority of cases Organizations are not required to purchase the latest cameras or overhaul the existing video system infrastructure just implement our software solutions across the existing Security Network.

Wide Equipment Choices

By using open platform strategies our software works with the widest choice of devices. SmartSys software supports IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders (DVRs) from over 150 manufacturers supporting over 3,500 devices and we are continually adding new products.

Multi Server Site Management

Central based management infrastructure, with multiple recording and viewing servers, cameras, and storage managing geographically dispersed sites easily from one location.

Intelligent Identification

Intelligent Video Analytics can identify perimeter breaches, as well as abandoned objects, objects removed, and people and vehicle activity.

Highly Scalable

Our products can be customised with the latest technologies from our vast network of partners, including cameras, hardware, add-on software and surveillance solutions.

Easy Integration

The Intelligent Video Analytics framework can also integrate specialised analytics such as license plate, facial recognition and building and plant management systems.

Investigative Capabilities

Expansive safety, security, intelligence and investigative capabilities that can provide real-time alerts and rapid search results. Our advanced Video Search can in less than 10 seconds filter 24 hours of video footage.

Existing Security Systems

The broad capabilities of SmartSys Video Analytics fully compliment and enhance any existing security infrastructure. These capabilities can easily be used in many industries and business environments.